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Lanna Signature Massage   90 mins / 1,800 Baht

Over time, the stress of everyday living builds up in our bodies. Stress itself is largely responsible for much of the pain and stiffness we experience. This massage improves muscular tone and imparts a feeling of total relaxation by soothing aay accumulated tension and stress.

Hot Stone Massage     

90 mins / 1,800 Baht

Colored stones used in this treatment aim to balance and enhance the energy center of the body call chakras, using 7 colors of light spectrum, in which each color ill resonates with one of the man seven chakras, and help to stimulates the body’s self healing process. Hot colored stones are massaged into the muscles. The treatment provides a gentle and claming effect to release state caused by modern life. You can tap the healing power of the color stones experience and the therapeutic deep pressure massage with the art of healing for a rejuvenating and energizing treatment.

Aroma Massage   

60 mins / 800 Baht
90 mins / 1,000 Baht

Ease away all your anxiety and tension with a choice of aromatherapy oils specially blended to achieve he effect you desire. This light pressure massage is designed to meet your individual needs and bring your body and mind into perfect equilibrium.

Swedish Massage   

60 mins / 1,000 Baht
90 mins / 1,400 Baht

Uses the world-renowned classic massage technique which releases body fatigue and stress. It combines vigorous and soothing massage movements adapted to the individual’s specific areas of tension. This treatment is highly effective in relieving muscular aches and pains and promotes general relaxation.

Back & Shoulder Massage (oil)  

60 mins/ 500 Baht
90 mins/ 7000 Baht

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage (oil)  

60 mins/ 800 Baht
90 mins/ 1,000 Baht

This massage is adapted to focus on your specific problem area, such as Migraine, Insomnia, and Stress, by stimulate the circulation and release tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Restores the balance of energy flow around the body, also soothes and relaxes the mind. By using special India oil, this treatment also promotes healthy hair and scalp.



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