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Thai Traditional Herbal Scrub   60 mins / 1,000 Baht
The perfect way to naturally clean and eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface. A special blend of fresh Thai herbs used in the scrub leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft and refreshed.
Body Polish   60 mins / 1,000 Baht
This treatment is ideal for clients who have dry or very dry skin. Using black sesame scrub with sesame aromatic oil as the main ingredient to exfoliate, soften, and moisturize. This will perfectly smooth and improve skin’s tone, radiance, and firmness.
Coconut Scrub   60 mins / 1,000 Baht
This has been integrating with coconut scrub powder and coconut oil and scrubbing your skin gently and being proper for dry skin and maintaining. After you used this, your skin has been clean, soft, fragrance and fresh.
Whitening Scrub   60 mins / 1,000 Baht
This has been fruit acid and vitamin especially vitamin B. This has been stimulating to build collagen and increasing change of old skin cell together with maintenance from nature for fresh and radiant and white and soft skin. In addition, vitamin E has been retarding old skin and increasing flexibility to structure.


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